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Default Re: We're gonna have to rethink the TLs

I said before and will say again: As far I know, there is no consensus on exactly how undeveloped or not Europe was in the Middle Ages.

Again, some historians are Romanophiles. Which means that they have a "too much positive" view of Rome, and see the Middle Ages as a Dark Age, savage and ignorant. Others, like Le Goff or Duby, have a less pessimistic view of the Middle Ages. It's not exactly a consensus on the matter, I think.

I see that there is still a lot of literature influenced by the Renaissance view that the Greco-Roman culture was superior then the "barbaric culture" of the Middle Ages. And this idea, in modern historians, as far I know, it's not that strong anymore. As I said, today there are historians who point out that the Middle Ages were not that technologically undeveloped as some people think.

PS: Again, sorry for any english mistakes. Especially because I'm kind of sleepy today.
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