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Old 10-28-2018, 05:49 AM   #1
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Default After action report: JIGG Tokyo Akihabara, October 29, 2018

Another new opponent today: JJ. Fortunately JJ has a wargaming past so he picked up on the rules really quickly even it was his first time playing Ogre.

Decided to try something different today, Playmat M1 in a warring cities configuration. Dropped in some ST&O counters, "North City" got a power plant and two "factory" hex counters in the green hex trio adjacent to the river on the north side and "South City" with a Pentagon Defense HQ in the green hex on the south side. All buildings worth 60SP each. Simple goal: destroy the enemy city's buildings. Each side got 30AP and 20INF to start with.

We setup simultaneously and here was the opening setup: Rolling for initiative got me the first move.

Early on my GEV squad on the east scored some quick hits on his Defense HQ and my howitzer on the west took out a GEV. I tried a reverse flank from the east with GEVs but that got taken out pretty quickly.

JJ's GEVs tried to loop around the west and did some damage taking out my Howitzer early but weren't as effective as they could have been due to the dice not favoring them. Unfortunately my attempts to dislodge his infantry and SHV dug with the city hex defensive bonus just were not happening either.

Finally he'd worn me down about half way and though I'd done some decent damage to his HQ it was obvious that with that embedded SHV having all my buildings in range and me being just unable to get across any bridges with any reasonable forces it was obvious that the South City was going to win.

Here's where I conceded defeat

Afterwards we ended up in a very good discussion about how each of us could have setup separately, the strengths and weaknesses of units or how M1 might be used for a multiplayer game.
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Default Re: After action report: JIGG Tokyo Akihabara, October 29, 2018

Thank you for the AAR and promoting the game. It sounds like you had a good time!

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Default Re: After action report: JIGG Tokyo Akihabara, October 29, 2018

Nice to see the map in action!
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