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Default What is your character's favorite childhood memory?

A few months ago, while browsing the Rewarding Skill Points thread on the GURPS forum, I came across a post by Black Leviathan where he talks about how his group begins each session by reflecting back on the past game and answering a few questions posed by the GM:

Originally Posted by Black Leviathan View Post
We ask two questions that are answered in-character. Sometimes they're individual questions, sometimes they're group questions. They may have to do with the plot of the game like "You've just endured a tedious journey across the sea of stars, if you had to make the trip again name one thing you'd bring to make the journey more pleasant.", or events in the previous session "Now that you've established the innocence of Officer Morales, as a group, where does that lead your investigation?", or they could just be conceptual questions about how your character thinks "Does your character believe in a 'hell' and who goes there?". There are no wrong answers but often the GM will ask qualifying questions to get a more right answer. Each question is worth a point.
We've adopted a variation on this which isn't currently tied to character points. The GM simply poses a question or two that the players consider between sessions. Our most recent question was surprisingly fun:

What is your character's favorite childhood memory?
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Saint Paul, MN
Default Re: What is your character's favorite childhood memory?

Here are the responses from our group of four players:

Knarr (Dwarf Barbarian): Knarr’s favorite childhood memory is of climbing to the top of a mighty oak and seeing a butterfly migration in progress.

Ragnar (Half-Orc Fire Druid Martial Artist): Ragnar's favorite childhood memory was when his mother first taught him to make fire the orcish way. She took out the ritual incense and placed it in a small bundle of dried moss. Using the steel and flint she showered it in sparks before coaxing them to glowing embers with her breath.

Verum (Human-raised-by-elves Scout): It wasn't the brightest of times, Verum's childhood; in fact, at moments it looked pretty bleak. As it turns out, being abandoned as an infant doesn't lend itself to a particularly stable developmental journey. As a boy, Verum grew to learn the ways of the wood elves, the importance of honor and respect. Still, he could never shake that feeling that he was different. So when this young human stumbled upon a piece of parchment fixed to one of the trees along the forests edge, he paused for a moment before tearing it down to get a closer look.

"REWARD," read the text in large letters across the top of the sheet, "1000 gold pieces for the capture of Rennac the Grey." As Verum stood, eyes fixed to the human depicted on the parchment, he was caught off guard by a hooded rider grinding her horse to a halt just inches from the tree. "It's a good sketch. At least they got my hair right," the rider remarked, throwing back her hood and shaking it out herself. "But it looks like you're doing my job for me, little man. I'll tell you what, you see any more of them posters and you tear them down for me, alright?" With that, Rennac reached into her saddle bag, tossed Verum a shimmering gold coin, and with a coy smile continued her ride along the treeline.

Zafir (Human Cleric): Zafir's favorite childhood memory was when he wandered away from camp in the evening and, distracted by spirit voices, didn't notice clear signs of flame wasps until too late. Thinking he was moments from death, he fell into a fetal position. When no stings occurred, he peeked through his fingers and saw that the swarm had formed intricate calligraphy against the dark sky. He has never shared the words with anyone, but he measures all other verse against their beauty.
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Black Leviathan
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Default Re: What is your character's favorite childhood memory?

What an excellent question, consider that stolen for my next session.

Guldan's favorite childhood memory would probably be dragging the Caiman he now wears as armor back to his village at the end of his right of passage.
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Default Re: What is your character's favorite childhood memory?

I did have a character from way back that I know the answer to that question for. He was the son of a weaponsmith who never forgot the shower of sparks and loud clanging from his father's forge, and his father's proud expression as he completed another fine sword.
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