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Default After action report: JIGG Tokyo Akihabara, September 16 2018

Went to the Japan International Gamers Guild meetup today and played two rounds of orange board Ogre.

Game 1: J1 from Spain, long time wargamer but new to Ogre. He took the MK III attacking, I took defense. He picked up on tactics really fast Even though he used up his missiles before getting to the center line, he did manage to ram the CP with only AP weapons left. Did not manage to make it back off the board as I finally got all his treads midway through his retreat.

Game 2: J2 from USA. Older gent who remembered the ziplock version of Ogre. He took the MK V attacking. I tried a two howitzer defense but he janked to the right of the board and I only got one of his main guns before he took out my howitzer with a missile. He took the CP with his last missile and I just couldn't grind down his treads with my remaining armor and infantry wasn't able to keep up. Total Ogre victory.

I did get a chance to showoff the Playmat M1 and both fellows expressed interest in trying that or a bigger multiplayer game next time.

There were a few other lookeyloos who seemed interested but were a bit too timid to play.
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