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Default Re: Costs in GURPS dollars

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
Which makes things weird when you start having a new TL appear. If you really look at your average setting that inspired DF you see something more in line with Camelot-3 (knights clad in TL4 Renaissance plate mail, living in TL3 13th-century castles, and fighting a TL2 Roman Empire in the 6th century) than the TL3 it claims to be. Heck, thanks to magic you are getting into TL5 territory — Food production likely on par with Four-course crop rotation, Iron rations are a thing, and Platinum being recognized and regarded as far more valuable than gold.
Sure, the mishmash of different TL's can be a bit odd (although for fans of this type of fantasy, is nothing new), but that's not really a problem for dealing with the worth of things in GURPS $ - you generally just have things cost their normal amount, unless they're particularly rare, then you might charge a premium (which may or may not match the guidelines for buying things at an earlier TL; as I previously mentioned, I think DF is most appropriate to treat at TL 4 - this will generally mean anything up to TL 4 is normal price, and anything from a higher TL will be 2x price per TL of difference; of course, DF seems to follow different guidelines - Delver's Webbing from DF1, for example, appears to be Good Quality TL 6 Web Gear from HT, but while the latter costs $100 (base cost $20, x5 for Good Quality), the former costs $160... and x1.6 cost doesn't match the general "2x price per TL difference" guideline, unless the DF authors opted to set base TL to 3 for x8 to the normal cost, then add in the +1 normally associated with Good Quality for free).

EDIT: On second thought, if we assume DF opted to treat the multiplier for High TL via the CF method (I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not), this actually fits with DF being TL 4. TL 6 gear at TL 4 would have a +3 CF (as it's normally x4 for +2 TL's), while Good Quality gear would have a +4 CF (as it's normally x5 to cost). A total CF of +7 works out to x8 to base cost, matching exactly with the price in DF.

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
The only problem with doing that is you are effectively hitting everyone with a quasi-disadvantage of 'less than average wealth'.
We were discussing how to handle inflation if it occurs during the campaign, not whether or not you should have inflation occur. For the latter, I agree with "Controlling Inflation" (which, despite the name, is actually about what to do if the PC's have accumulated too much wealth) that simply using inflation as a bandage to fix the problem you're dealing with from having given the PC's too much money is a bad idea. However, there can be some campaigns where inflation occurring would be appropriate. It could be a background element, it could be a plot point, it could be a big factor in dictating how characters go about things, etc. Generally, unless the PC's are serious economic movers-and-shakers (which would be the case for a band of adventurers going into a small town with a cart full of gold), the PC's actions are unlikely to have any effect on the inflation, and it will be more about the PC's dealing with the consequences of it - they may be more willing to take higher-risk jobs (due to higher pay), be more inclined to do jobs on trade (that is, being paid with goods rather than cash), etc.
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