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Default Looking for tips on how to deal with Thief

Hello everyone.

We love to play Munchkin on weekly gathering with our friends.

The only thing which makes it not enjoyable lately is the thief class.

A couple of players had an experience to play versus abusive Thief player who literally spends one of two hours do nothing except stealing all good cards while being on level 1, then changing to another class, selling all stuff and win mostly because of having all the best items in play.

So these players developed an aggressive strategy against Thieves to never help them in the battle, always try to cast curses on them or add some bonuses to Thief's monsters when it is possible.

It results that when someone from our company is trying to play Thief class, other players play very aggressively and general feedback from Thieves that some/all other players are bullying them.

Can someone propose a change to the default Thief rules which will make the class less overpowered and bring more balance to the game?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Looking for tips on how to deal with Thief

The House Rules thread has some ideas for revising the Thief. I don't endorse any of them and in general we usually discuss the rules as written outside of that thread, but it's certainly worth looking at to see how other groups have solved your problem.

If you keep the Thief's abilities alone, however, you still have some options.

First, make sure you're actually playing by the rules as written. The Thief has to discard a card whether or not the theft is successful. Over time, this should dissuade the Thief from trying too often, because (as in many card games) you can't win the game if you don't have a lot of cards.

One strategy you've already discovered is to gang up on the Thief (which, if the Thief is acting the way you describe, is a case of reaping what you sow). If the Thief is being a jerk, let him face those big monsters alone, even buffing them if need be.

Another option is to try negotiations: "Hey, if you leave my stuff alone, I'll help you for free the next time you need it," or "I've got a card that will wreck your game - leave me alone and it'll never get played on you." (Extra credit if you have no such card and can successfully bluff the Thief's player.)

You could pull the Thief cards out of your deck. That's a bit drastic but it certainly solves the problem.

Ultimately, your recourse is to refuse to play with someone who consistently makes the game less fun for other players. That's true no matter what the game is and what they're doing to screw up your good time.
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Default Re: Looking for tips on how to deal with Thief

Of course another option is to simply add more cards to the deck. There are several expansions that don't have any thieves.

The more cards available, the less likely anyone can draw the thief.

Also, you can play GUAL cards on another player. This might seem a non-solution but if you can get him to give charity early, it effectively nulls stealing.
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