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Default Way to buy individual cards? - Marvel 3

If this is the wrong sub-forum, feel free to move me Andrew :)

Anyway, my wife managed to rip one of my Munchkin Marvel cards (door - Badoon, marvel 3) and I am trying to replace it, I've contacted USaopoly and they haven't replied (as I know SJGames doesn't actually make munchkin marvel). Does anyone know of a way to purchase individual cards?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Way to buy individual cards? - Marvel 3

If it were one of our sets, I'd say email and we'd be happy to send out a replacement. But I don't think we can fulfill requests for the USAopoly sets, unfortunately. Best bet is to write them again and, in the meantime, to scour auction sites for someone unloading Marvel 3 at a reasonable price.
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