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Old 03-24-2013, 07:51 PM   #1
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Default Gnome + Awful Socks

I was wearing the Awful Socks when I chose to become a Gnome.

1. Can I turn the socks sideways (to show they aren't worth anything) and still keep them?

2. If no to 1, and I am wearing the Bear Feet, do I lose both?

3. If yes to 1, are the stipulations about not being able to help someone still in effect?
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Default Re: Gnome + Awful Socks

Awful Socks aren't usable by a Gnome. Therefore when you become a Gnome you would have to Carry them (and whatever they are attached to) and not Use them. If at a later time you stopped being a Gnome you would be able to Use them once again.
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Default Re: Gnome + Awful Socks

In answer to your 3rd question, you would no longer suffer the effect of the Socks that stops you helping others as you are not wearing the Socks (the effect clearly states it is only in effect while you wear them).

In reference to the 2nd question, if something else happened that specifically made you lose your Footgear, I'm fairly sure you lose only the Socks, as the Bear Feet protect themselves both from that cards ability and the Socks ability (as both specifically target Footgear).
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awful socks, gnome

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