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Old 07-15-2010, 11:40 AM   #11
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Default Re: Member House Rules

At this time, there is not a clear and complete resolution to the question of what happens if a Helper joins in a combat, but the main munchkin escapes from the room before combat is rolled and the helper is not able to do likewise. (For details and current status, see this thread.) Here are two house rule options.

1. If you want to be considerate of the Helper and not leave them in the lurch, a house rule would be to revise the rules on p. 8 to read:

"If all the monsters are removed from the room, or the main munchkin is removed, the combat is over."
Then return "use once" cards to their owners (except monster enhancements).

2. If you want to make agreeing to be a Helper more risky*, but still allow opportunity for compensating reward, an alternate would be to treat the remaining Helper as though they are (for the purposes of this combat only) the main munchkin. Allow cards to be played as usual, with resolution by a combat die roll as usual, and further consequences of win or loss as usual, but with benefits going to the munchkin that remained, including going up a level and receiving treasure if they can win. (Your option on whether your house rule allows them to ask for their own Helper.)

In either of these treatments, after the combat has ended the original main player's turn proceeds as normal, though depending on how they magically escaped the combat, they may or may not have any Move tokens remaining.

*p.s. If you are playing by the second house rule, it is possible that the original main munchkin might use an offer of being a Helper as a way to trap the Helper into a battle with a monster that he or others could then enhance to more dangerous levels. But a player who did this might not as easily find a Helper later in a future time of need.

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Old 08-01-2010, 02:57 PM   #12
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Default A Nifty House Rule...

I've yet to play a game with four people... the most I've played with is three so far!

I came up with this rule last night while playing with two of my friends:

-You can only ask for help during a Boss fight if you have four or more players in the Dungeon!

The reasoning for this is because when you have three people playing... usually two always fight the boss and it's almost impossible for the third guy to make it so they can't win! That has happened every game where there were three people!
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Old 08-07-2010, 07:10 AM   #13
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Default Re: Member House Rules

We use a couple of house rules:

- When playing with only 2 people, no charity. Just discard.
- When the Leperchaun is in the the dungeon, forget about the -1 to all d6 rolls, we just can't seem to remember that.
- When playing with only 2 people, we each pick two extra colors and use those monster bases (so we can have more monsters around). We take the DXM for their colors on the monster rolls & for killing them when they're our own monster, though we only have the monsters target our primary color (the color of our munchkin) during monster move.
- If we draw the Map Room, we flip it because who doesn't love the Chamber of Commerce.

there are probably more I'm not thinking of...
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Old 04-24-2011, 10:12 AM   #14
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Default Munchkin Quest Solitaire

In response to a recent post, here are my rules for MQ Solitaire. I don't often get to play MQ with others, but I found that the exiting rules only needed two small adjustments to work for solo play:

Object of the game: Reach level 10 and kill the boss before dying. (Note that in the existing rules, when all players are dead the monsters win. This still applies here; you're now playing against the monsters.)

The rules are almost entirely the same as in Munchkin Quest with the following adjustments:

Changes to existing rules:
- Whenever you draw a Curse! card, apply the curse to yourself immediately. (Treat these as being played by another player.)

- Whenever you draw a Monster Enhancer, apply it randomly to one of the monsters on the map (remember that there can only ever be 3 monsters on the map at a time... and they all have your base colour).

One monster: It gets the enhancer.
Two monsters: roll a d6: 1-3 monster A, 4-6 monster B.
Three monsters: roll a d6: 1-2 monster A, 3-4 monster B, 5-6 monster C.

If there are currently no monsters in the dungeon, the monster enhancer applies to the next monster drawn.

- Whenever you draw a Wandering Monster, apply it to your next combat by moving a monster from an adjacent room into the combat (if able), or by adding a monster from the deck.

- The general rule of thumb here is that any DxM cards that are bad for you apply to you as if someone played them against you, while cards that are good for you go into your hand as normal. Use your own judgement here... but don't go easy on yourself!

Things to note:

- Some games you will be screwed right out of the gate; I've died on my first turn several times. Other games, it will be smooth sailing, and you will be unstoppable! Finding a middle ground is tricky.

- Remember to draw your DxM cards whenever you would normally do so (this includes after you kill a monster and when you roll your colour on the colour die). Because the curses and Monster Enhancers are all in there, if you forget to draw these cards when you are supposed to the game will be really easy. DxMs aren't often your friend, here.

- For ease of reference, you may want to give each of the three monsters a different coloured base; if you wish, you can forgo the standie and just use three coloured bases; place a second base of the same colour on the monster's card. It saves a bit of time, since you don't need to go looking for the standie.
If you do this, note that no matter what colour of base they physically have, they all still count has being your colour (so they'll stop in your room, and you'll draw a DxM for killing them, etc). This also means that if you can find the right Bane ring things will go much easier for you... if you can find it, that is.

- I suggest using the optional Exit rules (from Extra Parts). I usually change it up by setting the game up with the Entrance on one corner of my table, with the Exit already in the opposite corner. It gives me a reason to go exploring. Otherwise you could spend the entire game searching three or four rooms until you get to level 10... It's Munckiny, but not all that interesting.

As an added challenge, you may want to set personal goals for yourself:

Personal Goals:

*No Treasure Left Behind: You only win if you are carrying all the gold and treasure you have found when you defeat the Boss. If there is a single coin left, you lose. (Note that selling items for gold makes this much easier, since there is no limit to the amount of gold you can carry. Just watch out for holes in your pockets....)

*Cleared the Dungeon: You only win if there are no monsters left on the board when you kill the Boss. You don't have to kill them all, but they have to have disappeared somehow.

*Ticking Bomb: Give yourself a set number of turns or a set amount of time to play the game. If you haven't killed the Boss by then, you lose. (I've not tried this one, so I don't know how many turns to suggest.)

*Other: Your choice, really. Perhaps you only win if you kill a specific monster, or if you get hit by a specific curse (Or maybe getting hit by that curse will make you lose?). Maybe you need to play through entirely as one Class or Race... or with none? Maybe you're seeking a specific item, and you'll only win when you find it. Maybe you want a really long game, and it won't be over until every tile in your bag has been used, or when every monster (or Treasure?) card is in the discard pile! Use your imagination; whatever will help you kill time and give you an appropriate challenge!
Epic Munchkin reference cards: For when you get tired of looking up the Epic Race and Class abilities.
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Old 09-11-2011, 10:03 AM   #15
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Default My house rules..

My main problem with MQ is the downtime between each player. So I tried to take the turns and firstplayer element from AH and I think I came up with a quite good way to play.

I have only tried this with a 2 player game have yet to try it out with the group.
I have a first player token and when you get that you draw your DxM "beginning of turn card" and you may use one movement or flip one foot. after you resolve that foot combat,deal etc.. then the player to your right flips over his first foot. but does not get his "DxM beginning of turn card". but just does what ever on his movement after that the player to his right uses his first foot. (if the player chooses to go over a locked door with 2 or 3 movements he may and finish that movement turn) but if he has no more feet then he must wait until all other players waste their feet.

Monster movement, if there are any monsters of the players color in the dungeon after that colored player movement is resolved move it. This will make monsters move almost as much as the players and makes the game really interesting.
this really made the game more fun and you didn't have to wait as long also the game was not as long as usually.
Any Ideas on improvements and or problems that might come up?
played 5 games like this with 2 players and it worked really well.

Also I let each player role for their monster movement. Not one dice to determine the movement of all monsters and with the DxM reward if you are red and rolling for your red monsters and get a red on the dice you get your DxM reward, but if a purple player is rolling for his monsters and gets a red you don't get the DxM. Also One roll for all your monsters if you have 2 or 3 you still just throw the monster movement dice once.
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Old 10-09-2011, 08:54 AM   #16
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Default Re: Member House Rules

I just bought Munchkin Quest and have opened the box to see what was inside looks awesome cant wait to play it looks so fun my only wish is you could play with 6 players instead of 4
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Old 10-09-2011, 09:01 AM   #17
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Default Re: Member House Rules

That's why there's an expansion? :-)
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Old 08-18-2012, 03:42 PM   #18
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Default Hirelings/steeds

Does anyone have some suggestions for steed rules? My friends and i have invented our own way to play with hirelings. We put a hireling card from the original deck in a color base. this hireling has its normal plus and the effects of one item it is using if it is in combat with you. it can also have one extra item it it's pack. The hireling has three move (without special items) and can search rooms (suffering minus 1 move for every item over one in the pack that he has) but not explore. If he finds a monster the monster ignores him and moves normally. If he is in combat with you he can be sacrificed for a free getaway.

This does not work for steeds however. Does anyone have any steed ideas other than "You're on a horse". Hirelings really make the game interesting and open new doors (figuratively).

If centaurs ever end up in quest one ability could be "Your steeds operate as hirelings"

In any case hirelings need to be in the next expansion.
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Old 07-07-2013, 04:53 PM   #19
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Default Re: Member House Rules

I like the tag team rules. They're simple and don't require too many tweaks to the main game. The only sticking point for me is wouldn't having two people at level ten taking on the final boss make it easier in most cases? Maybe it would be good to tack on a higher level for the boss, like maybe 30 instead of 20? Just to make it a little easier for other teams to make that fight harder for the leading team.

Edit: Another problem you might run into with the team rules is that by having established teams, you effectively eliminate most reasons to interact positively with players outside your team. You're pretty much limiting people to only helping their teammates to get both players to ten fastest. It makes it into a more straight competitive game where you're not really backstabbing people because you need a particular player to succeed in order to win.

Another alternative which encourages more team based play, but doesn't create specific teams might be to add a winning condition that requires two people to finish the game together and ups the level of the end boss. Maybe have the boss level be variable based on the number of players at level 10. Like 40 for 2 and add 20 for each additional player at level 10 in the game. This both encourages players to help each other out to get multiple people in range of winning, but also keeps some backstabbing elements alive since you don't want a lot of people meeting the victory conditions.

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Old 01-10-2015, 09:09 AM   #20
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Default Re: Member House Rules

The only house rule I play by is that on your first turn draw one treasure for each opposing munchkin.

-this helps keep you ignored by the larger monster while having a better chance against the medium sized monsters if you are unlucky on your first exploration
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