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Old 05-13-2019, 08:41 AM   #1
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Default XP Charts for Level 21-plus ?? (Pathfinder)

The core rulebook for Pathfinder RPG caps off level progression (i.e. XP chart) at level 20. I've been looking for any official product from Paizo containing an XP / level-progression chart for levels 21 and beyond. If any one here knows of such a product, I would appreciate it if you would let me know what that product is, please.

I've been told that their Mythic Adventures rulebook should have this feature, but every official description I've found for this product makes no mention of that feature at all. Can any one here confirm or deny the inclusion of that feature in this product, please?

Franklin W. Cain
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: XP Charts for Level 21-plus ?? (Pathfinder)

As far as I know, there are no official rules for Level 21+ play in Pathfinder.
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Default Re: XP Charts for Level 21-plus ?? (Pathfinder)

Mythic Adventures have Tiers that are supposed to be used in parallell with levels. But I guess there is nothing stopping you from letting players start gaining tiers after 20 and treat them as extra levels. There is no exp chart for it though, the as written way to gain them is by doing trials.
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Default Re: XP Charts for Level 21-plus ?? (Pathfinder)

Is there a pattern to the XP progressions, like there was in D&D 3.5? If there is a pattern, the easiest model would be to follow said pattern for the epic levels.
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Default Re: XP Charts for Level 21-plus ?? (Pathfinder)

I think they follow the pattern of 1000x level you're leaving. So 200k for level 20.

It's the epic abilities that are harder to produce.
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Default Re: XP Charts for Level 21-plus ?? (Pathfinder)

As Andrew Hackard said, Pathfinder has no official rules for play after 20th level. There are some suggestions on pages 406-407 of the Core Rulebook for how to handle higher-level play (including XP progression), but that section isn't meant to support long-term play at those levels.

Paizo eventually chose to develop their "mythic" rules rather than advancing characters past 20th level. Those rules provide much of the same experience as D&D's epic levels did--characters who can do things mere mortals could never dream of--but those elements are integrated into play at lower levels. The exact level at which you introduce mythic tiers is entirely up to the GM. It can be as low as 1st level or as late as the 20th (or just before), but most of Mythic Adventures--including the sample adventure--seems to assume most games will introduce mythic elements in the middle levels (roughly 7th and up, IIRC?).
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