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Default Casting while grappled: Let's settle this

GURPS Campaigns says this of attempting a concentrate maneuver while grappled:

If you have been grappled...Aim, Feint, Concentrate, and Wait maneuvers – and ranged attacks – are completely impossible. (B371)
GURPS Magic says this of casting while being grappled:

If you use an active defense against an attack, or are knocked back, knocked down, injured, grappled, or otherwise distracted while concentrating, make a Will roll at -3 to continue casting your spell. On a failure, your spell is spoiled and you must start over. (M7) (Emphasis mine)
I take the above to mean that if you are grappled, you cannot begin a concentrate manuever, but if you are already concentrating and someone grapples you, you can attempt to finish what you started. Is this correct?
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Default Re: Casting while grappled: Let's settle this

That is correct. Starting a Concentrate maneuver isn't an option whilst grappled. You're allowed to complete one you've already started, though, by making a Will-3 roll.
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Default Re: Casting while grappled: Let's settle this

That was quick!
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kromm explanation

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