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Black Leviathan
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Default Re: (DF) Points for delvers who do more than delve

Dungeon Fantasy is also very light on Starship piloting and maintenance skills. Dungeon Fantasy is what it is and has templates appropriate for what Dungeon Fantasy is. There is enough articulation for your Dungeon Fantasy characters to wade into the light social work of hiring some help, selling their loot, and convincing a lower noble to allow them to go to the forbidden place to retrieve the thing of thingyness, but powerful as those characters are they are not equipped to deal with interrogating captured spies or rooting clues out of witnesses to a murder. If you want characters that really mop the floor with people socially or who have advantages that would allow them greater social mobility or authority then you gotta build templates that allow that or let players go points-free when building characters.

If you want to have more socially powerful characters but don't want to go to the trouble of rebuilding the templates just create supplemental packs for each class, 15-20 points of Status or Legal enforcement powers or reputation or Social Regard, maybe up to 5 points of Social Skill buffing, bearing in mind the players will have 5 points of quirks if they want to boost those social abilities.
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