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Default Re: Increased Consumption Due to High ST

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
If it's getting the power from oxidizing food molecules, it's going to have waste heat, which has to be gotten rid of. That's going to raise its body temperature, unless you give it expanded surface area. Maybe those wings are there for more than flying.
Well, it probably has increased body temperature anyway to raise reaction rates, though that is well over linear scaling.
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Default Re: Increased Consumption Due to High ST

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Thatís useful, if a bit frustrating (the article notes the reason for the law is unknown).
There's a lot of speculation it has to do with the way resources are delivered by scalable networks. There are apparently some analogs in pipe wear rates or electrical line losses.

Which suggests it might not hold for very small organisms that don't have such a thing, or those that are nearly two dimensional, or arranged as thin layers around thick tubes, but I don't know that anybody has proved that yet.
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