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Default Troglodytes…?

The "Languages" inset on page 44 of ITL mentions a Troglodyte language, but no other mention is ever made of the species that speaks it. All the other examples given there are to races that are listed, though (with the exception of "Fog Runes", whatever that means).

Do Troglodytes appear somewhere else? (Perhaps the reference is an artifact from the old TFT?) Or is it just a loose thread that never got sewn?
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Default Re: Troglodytes…?

Troglodyte sounds like the Neanderthal language.

I personally assigned Fog Runes to the mermen, but without any references to back that up.
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Default Re: Troglodytes…?

I think troglodyte and fog runes are meant as evocative creative seeds for GMs to develop (or not) as they choose.

I don't remember any other references to them. Though in addition to Neanderthal, there are Savages with small bows (so not neanderthals) on the sample encounter tables in ITL.
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