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Default Re: Cybernetics

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Engineer (Bionics) most likely (yes, the skill isn't in Basic, but the list in Basic is examples, not exhaustive); the primary difficulties have to do with nervous system interfaces and being able to operate within an environment of the human body, and that's not terribly closely related to any of the standard engineering specialties.
And at least in the early days, it will be about adapting existing computers, cameras, etc., to work with neural interfaces. After that has succeeded, components more suitable for the job will be designed.
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Default Re: Cybernetics

Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
As a working engineer, I would expect that cybernetics would require several different specialities depending on the device.
While true in reality, remember that the GURPS invention rules are highly cinematic. They exist to allow lone inventors to produce amazing things in adventure relevant time frames, not to model the sort of real development work that requires a year or two and a substantial team.
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Default Re: Cybernetics

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
Engineer is short several specialties it really should have - most dramatically the lack of Engineer (Mechanical) to design machines that aren't microscopic.

Mechanical is presumably split among several different skills. The most prominent of these are small arms, robotics, clockwork, and the vehicle types.
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