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Old 10-03-2018, 06:05 AM   #231
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Immunity to Break Weapon

ITL Page 24 - IQ 12 Spells
"Break Weapon (T): Shatters one weapon, shield, staff, etc., in hand of a foe. Does not work on enchanted swords, shields, etc., constructed with Immunity (q.v.) against this spell. Such a weapon also will not break on a roll of 18, though it may be broken deliberately if someone wants to do so. Broken weapons do half damage (round down); broken staffs are useless. Cost: 3 ST."

ITL Page 156 - Enchanting Objects with Immunity Spells
"Items may be made with immunity to any missile spell, and most thrown spells. To enchant an object with Immunity, a wizard must know the Greater or Lesser (as appropriate) Magic Item Creation Spell, and proceed substantially as though he were casting, not immunity to a given spell, but that spell itself, on the object. For instance, the time, materials, etc., to make an item immune to Drop Weapon would be just the same as to enchant an arrow to produce the Drop Weapon effect. If there is no magic item to produce an effect, no item can be made to give immunity."

Problem: There is no Break Weapon item in the Magic Item Section

Note: If you decide to drop any references to immunity to Break Weapon it is also mentioned on ITL Page 42 under Master Armourer
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Math issue at ITL page 79. It takes a giant wizard 12,800 XP to raise his IQ to 8 and start casting spells. (It would cost the same to raise his ST one point to 26, so where do all the strong giants come from?)
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Soothe Spell ITL pg 25 refers to "Cleaning" spell when it should refer to "Scour"
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