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Old 12-14-2006, 04:52 AM   #21
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Default Re: Starting campaigns for newbie GMs

There's a lot of good advice above. Many have recommended using a setting other than medieval fantasy. But if you want your swords and your sorcery -I do-, and you'd like your first adventures planned out for you, check out this page.

There's three pretty simple, smooth adventures set in Homeric Greece.

Good luck!
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Default Re: Starting campaigns for newbie GMs

Originally Posted by Agemegos
It doesn't take research to know that you can darken a room by flipping the light-switch, or darken a house by flipping its master switch. It is that sort of richness of everyday detail that gives PCs in a realistic setting a breadth of possible courses of action that is very hard to match in an imaginary setting. And there is absolute boatloads of it in people's everyday knowledge.
It does take research to find out where Conventry is. Or how telegraphy worked. Or what 19th century spriritualists claimed they were doing. Or the disposition of troop at Austerlitz or whatever. And then there' convincing players to play in a historical setting. Modern (supernatural or supers) games would benefit even better from people's everday knowledge, and likely be more popular.

EDIT: I still find invented worlds to be easier than real life even in modern games. In an imaginary city I can have a Chinese Place on the corner of Hope and Maple. In a game set in Los Angeles, I need a really good map and probably some legwork. For this reason most games that I run set in the modern world still use imaginary locations.

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Default Re: Starting campaigns for newbie GMs

I agree using real city in modern times can be tons of work. I ran a game in New Orleans of 2043 once and one of my players lived there in the past. I was told me maps were not accurate. I said things have changed in the past 50 years. (I guess now they really did.)
One thing I found that worked was creating maps with just zones instead of streets and buildings. I had 12 colored area on the map with were 'neighborhoods' if you would. This way the players had a idea of there they were but we didn't get lost in the details.
For a first game start much smaller than a major city. In a modern game a small town is more what you want. In a fantasy game a village, in the Sci-Fi game a single base or space station. A place you can have a simple map of. Keep to simple to start. You can always add more as the players move around and gain experience.
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