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Default Filling a town (Dungeons & Fantasy)

I would like you to help me filling a town with interesting NPCs.

This is a town with about 2,000 sentient creatures.

Among the habitants you might find humans, elves, orcs and dwarves. There are other sentient creatures, which make around 5% of the population. If you are curious about the creatures, they are similar to the creatures from "Heroes of Might and Magic 3".

All races are in neutral terms, and usually avoid conflict among each other.

The town lies by the skirt of a mountain. It is not surrounding the mountain, it is below it (by its south). This place's geography is similar to Babel's; however, there's is a river flowing below the town, this water comes from the peak of the mountain, which is unnaturally cold.

The inhabited zone is a plateau with a relatively gentle slope, an area of 28 KM2. Its center is about 4 KM2 with almost 120 creatures per KM2. The remaining area encircles the central zone, roughly comprising 24 KM2 with 60 creatures per KM2.

Living outside this 28 KM2 area is dangerous or complicated.

Regarding goods, some are acquired from expeditions, some others are produced on the outside edges at highly specialized settlements. The inhabitants don't do farming within the town. All the goods are carried to the central zone, which practically is a large marketplace. Here you might find whatever you need, from basic goods, manufactured goods (including weapons) and recreation (TL4, either natural or magical).

There are 7 chiefs in town, which represent the interests of the town’s inhabitants and maintain order.
Or so it seems...

The inhabitants come from other larger/major cities; some distant, some local. All made a covenant to protect a “powerful magic item”, which lies at the top of the mountain. After certain events, everybody was trapped there, and they cannot leave the skirts of the mountain ever since. Nobody knows the nature of such item (or who lies at the top of the mountain) and the “lockdown”, except perhaps for the chiefs and other special NPCs.

So, these creatures lost contact with the outside world. Supposedly, under certain conditions it is possible to get in or out from such place... Then, we have those happy with their lives, those willing to get out and those who got into the town willingly or by mistake (falling within either of the previous categories).

Originally, most creatures were skilled warriors (warlords, magicians, etc.) from different races. So, most people is well educated and ready for combat. Some actively train, regardless of their “civilian activities” or having dropped their positions as warriors.

You can take two things for granted. First: Nobody ever talks about "the magic item". Second: Word spreads really fast, you know. Whenever "someone new" comes to town, tension rises among the population, especially because they usually “claim” they “come from the future”, that they can get out and because they often "disappear".

Player characters arrive the town looking for the "magic item", willing to get out as soon as possible.
They don't know much about this town’s background or its people.

So, who are these NPC's? How do they live and what will they do? Players and NPCs have around 200-250 CP.

- Hide

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Default Re: Filling a town (Dungeons & Fantasy)

Jennifer Talon

Jennifer Talon emigrated to the area around 20 years ago at the age of 18 and discovered that she was quite skilled in magic (IQ 14 and Magery 3). She devoted herself to learning agrarian magic and is a familiar sight in the farming villages that surround the town. In exchange for ten percent of their crops and assistance in her ceremonial magic, she uses her magic to quadruple the productivity of the farming villages. She sells most of her percentage to merchants in the town and is one of the wealthiest people in town. While she is unmarried, she possesses four natural daughters, all of whom are treated with respect by the locals for fear of insulting their mother (it is rumored that their mother has slept with everyone in town, regardless of gender or race, though no one is stupid enough to say it where Jennifer can hear it).
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