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Default Re: Five Earths, All in a Row

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
There's no imbalance, because the Slayers and Slayeroids of Earth One are generally different beings (as well as being from a different dimension) than the line on Earth Two. SMG does read as 'The Slayer' to those Earth Two sensitives who can detect it, but she still feels different, because her power source is the pressure of fandom, not an ancient curse.

Also, a clarification: Earth Two has multiple types of vampire, some more monstrous than others. None of them sparkle in the sunlight, though some do catch fire.

This raises all sorts of interesting questions. How many teenage girls on Inp-Earth become sparkly vampires, as compared to how many young men? I'm betting quite a few of the former, and almost none of the latter, except for Robert Pattinson and he is seriously unhappy about it.

Also, you know there will be at least a few Lestat-wannabes in the Anne Rice fan club who turn to high-protein liquid diets.

I think there's no question about who the "Lestats" go after first: Tom Cruise is designated target Number One, and not to turn into a vampire, either. They'll want him dead. The question is, do they then proceed to Brad Pitt or Kirsten Dunst? (I'm thinking, "maybe" for Pitt -- although he wasn't offensive, in the role of Louis, but "probably not" for Dunst, because she was decent enough of as Claudia and she's all grown up, now. I bet they'd go after Suri Cruise, though...).

Ick. SMG is probably gonna want to borrow that katana she bought for Freddie...

Which raises another question. What happens when Tom Cruise begins to (sorta) function as an Operating Thetan? That would be seriously creepy.

In fact, this whole part of this discussion is seriously creepy. The notion that Anne Rice fans might slowly become what they most desire is really... out there. After all, her books used vampires to explore deviant behaviors that are almost wholly rejected by the larger society.
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5 earths in a row, alternative earths, infinite worlds

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