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Default Re: Alternate Penetrating Strike

Originally Posted by KBH View Post
Well, I chose it, because the description of Nuisance (obvious) also states, that it attracts enemies, which is a consequence of the effect being visible and thus a bit more than simply visible.
The point is, that wielding Psychic Powers might unsettle some people around you in the WH40k universe or even make you a priority target ("Kill the mage first!"). So, someone seeing you wielding that Force Sword might put him/her at unease, i.e., penalty on the reaction roll, or making him/her attacking you at high priority target ... at the end, I would say an additional -5% is reasonable.
So you mean like "I make a magic sword that looks like a normal sword" vs "I make a magic sword which is glowing and clearly a magic sword" ?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Visible doesn't apply - Innate Attacks are visible by default
There's 2 degrees of visibility to consider:

1) "visible while attacking"
2) "visible while the ability to attack is switched on"

The first part (ie "a beam of energy is seen traveling at the enemy") I'm pretty sure is the default like you say.

What do you think of the 2nd part?

I guess my thoughts are that since you visibly have a Striker / Spines even when you aren't attacking with them (unless you buy Switchable, to be able to make them vanish when not needed) then maybe having Innate Attack should mean you always have a visible indicator at your attack opening (glowing hands if a projectile, glowing mouth if a breath) even when not attacking?

Innate Attack has always been pretty cheap so I like the idea of making people buy switchable to hide that capacity to attack. It would also help explain why so many heroes run around when glowing hands even when they're not actually shooting bolts.

It could also give grounds to ask them to buy "No Signature" in 2 different respects: one being no obvious visual sign your attack is readied (ie switched on, which is "always on" by default) and other being no obvious visual sign your attack was shot.

Originally Posted by zoncxs View Post
You can't add Nuisance (obvious) because that is covered by Visible already.

Accessibility, Requires (Force Sword), -10% is good for limiting it to just force swords. Since this power can be used with any force sword, gadget limitation should be avoided. Unless the power comes from an actual gadget.
This reminds me of a -10% Accessibility for magery that only applied when you held a staff but I don't think it even had to be a magic one? Just any old stick? Related to "components" somehow... can't remember where I read this though.
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