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Default [Sorcery] Creating/Enchanting Scrolls and Grimoires?

Hey, all.

Hopefully, this won't take too long. I was wondering how one might be able to create a grimiore full of Sorcery spells or create scrolls of individual spells. Scrolls, I think, would be pretty easy. I'd just change the flavor of elixirs if that makes sense. As far as full-on magical books, I'm thinking of having Grimoire as another enchantment item type like Wand or Amulet. What modifiers might a grimoire have, especially if it might take a few seconds to flip through the pages? And could an entire grimoire just be it's own list of alternate abilities?

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Default Re: [Sorcery] Creating/Enchanting Scrolls and Grimoires?

Humm, interesting question.. Doubly so since being too generous here could effectively give players the ability to 'buy points with money' which is something that GURPS tries to avoid.

On its most basic level Sorcery == Cosmic Modular Ability, which with its base cost of 10:1 is quite pricey.

Perhaps a grimore could give the much better return rate from super memorization, or even chip slots. Thus you still need to be a powerful sorcerer to use a powerful grimore, but its much better then just casting 'raw'; Using one of your learned spells is still way more efficient.

Conversely perhaps a grimore could allow a reader to temporarily 'forget' one of there learned spells and replace it with the spell in the grimore. They can change back with a suitably long period to 'purge their mind' of the grimore's knowledge.
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