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Default [Powers] Supernatural "Omnisight"

So I currently have a character who can feel the basic building blocks of the universe (pseudoscience being I can feel the vibrations of the strings in string theory). As such one of her powers is the ability to detect and pinpoint anything nearby.

When I first made the power, I made it simply with Vibration Sense with Sense of Perception (p86) with a Cosmic Power source (Cosmic 50%).

Currently I'm also looking at 360 degree vision with Panoptic 2 (p39) and it seems worse in every way.

In the list below
360V stands for 360 Degree Vision with Panoptic 2
VS stands for Vibration Sense with Sense of Perception
  • 360V is 25pts+60%=40pts while VS is 10pts+100%=20pts
  • 360V still requires light unless you have another advantage. VS doesn't.
  • 360V afaik doesn't allow you to see through objects. VS is allowed even in a sealed suit or vacuum so it does.

I will say that I did cheat a tiny bit here and used the Cosmic modifier to avoid the drawback of not being able to detect details. Even with a 50% added on, VS is still 25 pts vs 40. With 300% cosmic tacked on, VS is worth 50 pts. Which is worth 10 more than 360V. That is the price of Penetrating Vision 1, and still doesn't allow you to see in the dark.

Is there something else I am missing here? Should I just not be allowed to tag the cosmic modifier on to VS to detect details? Should I be forced to take both for this power?
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