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Default Re: GURPS Supers Alternatives

Ok, I think I have included all the comments. It is not a specific version of Superman but rather a version of Superman. I am sure it could be better but thanks to your comments, I'm rather happy about it. I believe this version of Superman could survive a direct hit by a 100Mt nuke if he uses a Super Block

Some rules tweaks used:
Radiation Tolerance is not used
Innate Attacks are Variable as a default
DR covers the eyes as a default
Travel Time (-60%) represents out of combat, between the scenes travel
Cost Fatigue -10% per Level

Superman V2 1500pts - SUPERCEDED
ST 75 DX 13 IQ 13 HT 15
HP 75 Per 15 Will 15 FP 15
Thr Dam 17d-1 BL 30 ktons Speed 7 Move 8

Punch (14) 17d+1 cr
Heat Vision (14) 10d(5) Burn, Range 100, Cone (2 yrds), Selectivity
Super-Breath (14) 10d cr, Range 20, Cone (2 yrds), Selectivity, Double KB, No Wounding
Freezing Breath (14) 5d cr, Range 20, Cone (5 yrds), Selectivity, No Blunt Trauma, No Knockback, No Wounding, if damage penetrates, target must succeed a HT at -1 per 2 points of damage or suffer Paralysis (for living) or become Brittle (for inanimate objects) for (20-HT) minutes

POWERS [1354] • all powers (Kryptonian -10%)
Kryptonian Body ST+60, DX+2, HT+3, Per+2, Move+1, Crushing Fist [617]
Kryptonian Toughness Damage Reduction /2 plus 30 DR plus High Pain Threshold plus Very Fit [203]
Kryptonian Physionomy Doesn’t need to Breathe (Oxygen Storage/100); Pressure Support 2; Temperature Support 10; Vacuum Support [37]
Rapid Healing Ability Regeneration (Regular) [23]

Super Flight 60 Flight, Space +44 [133]
Super Reflexes Altered Time Rate 2, Cost Fatigue 2 [140]

KRYPTONIAN POWERS • all Alternate Abilities to Super Reflexes
Heat Vision 10d Burn, Armor Divisor (5), Cone (2 yrds), Selectivity [32]
Super-Breath 10d cr, Cone (2 yrds), Selectivity, Double Knockback, No Wounding, Reduced Range x1/5 [12]
Freezing Breath 5d cr, Cone (5 yrds), Selectivity, Side Effect: Paralysis or Brittle, No Blunt Trauma, No Knockback, No Wounding, Reduced Range x1/5 [10]
Super Speed Altered Time Rate 6 (x20), Super-Speed, Out of Combat, Cost Fatigue 3, Nuisance (Gust of wind) [24]
Quicker Than the Eye Invisibility, Affects Machines, Can be detected by recording devices in slow motion, Can carry Heavy Enc, Switchable, Must be in Movement, Nuisance (Gust of wind) [20]
Hyper Flight 60,000 Enhanced Move (Flight) 10, Travel Time [12]

KRYPTONIAN SUPER SENSES • all Alternate Abilities to X-Ray Vision
Enhanced Time Sense [8]
Infravision [1]
Microscopic Vision (x100), Concentration [2]
Parabolic Hearing 10 [7]
Ultrasonic Hearing [1]
Ultravision [2]
X-Ray Vision Penetrating Vision 10, Not versus lead, Concentration [70]

Heroic Looks Appearance (Handsome) +2/+4, plus Charisma 2, Superman identity only [21]
The Big Blue Boy Scout Reputation +4, Almost everyone, All the time, Superman identity only [7]
Journalist from the Daily Planet Press Pass [1]

Lois Lane Ally (25%) Quite Often 12-, Special skills plus Special Rapport plus Dependent, Rarely 6- [3]
Lana Lang, Jimmy Olsen and the whole gang Dependent Rarely 6- [-10]
Network of Contacts in Daily Planet, MCU, STAR Labs Contact Groups, Effective Skill 15-, Fairly Often 9-, Usually Reliable [20]
Rogue Gallery Enemy, Rarely 6-, Medium size group [-10]

Acting 12; Aerobatics 12; AK: Metropolis 14; AK: United States 13; AK: Earth 13; Brawling 14; Computer Ops 13; Criminology 12; Current Affairs 14; Detect Lies 13; Diplomacy 11; Fast Talk 12; First Aid 13; Innate Attack 14; Law 11; Leadership 15; Navigation 13; Occupation (Reporter) 14; Public Speaking 14; Research 14; Savoir-Faire 13; Search 14; Sumo Wrestling 14; Tactics 11; Throwing 14; Writing 15

Code Versus Killing Pacifism; Cannot Kill [-15]
Heroic Values Selfless 12 [-5]
Kryptonian Physiology Requires Special Medical Care. If injured by something his Regeneration can't heal doctors need a small amount of Kryptonite to do simple tasks [-5]
Protective of Innocents Sense of Duty [-15]
Secret Identity, Clark Kent Harassment/Relatives may be threatened [-10]
Vulnerability to Magic Wounding x4, Occasional [-40]
Weakness to Kryptonite 1d damage per Minute, rare [-10]

*Kryptonian = Powers negated by exposure to Kryptonite and Red Solar Radiation

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