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Old 07-02-2018, 06:55 AM   #1
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Default Ressource: What Have I Got In my pocket ?

I think I am going to use this a lot for any investigation games :

Amsterdam city emptied a canal, and excavated 700.000 items.

Here are photos of 20.000 of them, sorted by (approximate) age.

Each item have a description, and sometimes details :

There is a search function, and index by categories :

Food Processing & Consumption(5453)
Personal Artefacts & Clothing(3032)
Communication & Exchange(2662)
Interiors & Accessories(1722)
Craft & Industry(1520)
Distribution & Transport(1395)
Buildings & Structures(1212)
Games & Recreation(825)
Arms & Armour(536)
Science & Technology(426)
Natural & Pre-Urban Environment(195)

CSV of the full data set are expected.

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Default Re: Ressource: What Have I Got In my pocket ?

That's dangerously interesting.

I'm wondering about the story behind this-

A souvenir from Dutch visitor to Nagasaki, possibly.

Oops! Sorry, that's exactly the same item you linked!
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The Colonel
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Default Re: Ressource: What Have I Got In my pocket ?

So much for "string or nothing"...
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