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Default Tether idea: Ella's Shrine

Ella was an ordinary dog. Loved by her humans, and loving them in return, she knew only security and contentment in her pack. One day, she joined her family in the car to go on an adventure. When her initial excitement wore off, she happily settled onto one of her pack-mate's laps to sleep.

Then, everything changed.

When she awoke, she was hurtling through the air. She only avoided injury by landing in soft grass, and as she rolled over again and again, so did the car with her family in it. Shaking her head, she stumbled over to the crumpled vehicle.

She could smell her humans were hurt, but could do nothing to help them. She wanted to nuzzle their unconscious faces, but could not reach them. She waited for what seemed forever, until finally other humans came.

But these humans brought loud noises and bright lights with them, and she fled, frightened, into the woods. She watched as the new humans took hers out of the car and into an ambulance, while a tow truck took away the wreck. Finally, she was left alone.

When her courage returned, she investigated what little debris had been left behind. She found everything with her humans' scents on them, and gathered the precious relics to a den she made in the woods. Since she was a Good Dog, she resolved to guard them until her humans came back for her. Then, she waited.

Weeks passed. She spent her days scavenging food and her nights guarding her family's mementos. Finally, another human came, and without the scary sounds and lights, the woman easily gained Ella's trust. She was taken away to a safe place. She still missed her humans, but knew they would be back for her.

Unknown to Ella, that friendly human later went back and found her den, and the treasures within. She used them to track down Ella's family, who had thought her killed. Finally, they were reunited. Faith was rewarded, and Heaven drew a little closer to Earth.

During his long estrangement from the rest of Heaven, Khalid wouldn't have even bothered stabilizing just a weak, useless tether, especially one formed from the devotion of such an unclean animal. But now that his perspective has been restored, he cherishes it as a perfect symbol of Allah's generosity to even his lowliest creations, and has privately vowed that when she enters Paradise, Ella will have a place in his Mosque as well as Jordi's Savannah.
The tether itself is small, inelastic and noisy, and not much practical use in the War. As yet, it has no Seneschal, but Khalid frequently assignes Servitors who need lessons in humility to guard it.

Inspired by this youtube video: . There aren't nearly enough canon tethers that don't revolve around humanity, and there aren't enough for the 'minor' Superiors either. Figured this would kill the proverbial two birds with one stone. Any thoughts?
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Default Re: Tether idea: Ella's Shrine

Good stuff. The kind of detail a campaign with a reasonably high level of celestial involvement with the corporeal needs.
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Default Re: Tether idea: Ella's Shrine

Nice story. Good Tether.
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khalid, tethers

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