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Default atypical campaigns for typical settings

A typical setting with an atypical campaign for that setting.

First setting:

High School.

A lots already been done. Horror, Mystery etc so forgive me if a) someone has already done it or b) its not very good.

High School espionage.

Veronica Mars meets the Americans.

Premise: in the 1950s the USSR planted hundreds of sleeper agents into the USA. Most were never activated. Their children had children.

Now its the 1980s and a generation of children trained since birth to be spies are teenagers. They are at an elite school with the future leaders of America. The FBI has some how gotten enough information to suspect the school, but not enough to commit real resources. They have fast tracked some young recruits through training and planted some youngish looking 21 year olds along with older agents as parents and teachers.

Are notes being swapped in class dead letter drops, high school videos being saved for blackmail etc etc

I'd run it as a pretty hardcore espionage game only the protagonists or villains are 16 to 18 year olds.

High School DF

Dungeons and Dragons meets Degrassi

One day the PCs (a group of ordinary students a cool kid, jock, geek) had a dream they were high fantasy warriors delving and scoring loot. Then they woke up and the 'cash' loot they scored (mostly gold and gems) was still on them meaning they could afford what they wanted in the real world.

Now they spend more and more time in the dream world, and it intrudes into their real lives up until one of their avatars dies and their friend dies with it. Keep playing?

Id run it as DF, but the social skills are those of a high school student. Theres also the potential to run a more serious social enginnering session about the highschool setting every so often.


Dungeon and Dragons meets Harry Potter

Its a high scool for DF delvers' children. Much more light hearted cartoon action hero style campaign for low powered delvers.
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