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Old 05-31-2015, 04:12 PM   #1
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Default [Basic Set] Collars - grappling at length

I was doing thread necromancy on the Grappling article from Pyramid #3/34 and then thinking through a possible "situation" the character might end up in.

Would a character wearing a collar (on the end of a leash, chain or pole), in effect, be grappled by the neck?

Would that then be Control Neck or, in vaguely Technical parlance, your cps are being earned/ applied to the neck for control purposes, ie they'd be using grappling skills, not a flexible or pole weapon technique?

Would the collared character then be resisting a Neck grapple, albeit at a distance, and success wouldn't mean the collar was broken, just the leash holder's grip...

Would it matter much whether it was a pole or leash?
If a comparative bonus were conferred by a pole, would it not also apply to escape attempts?

I guess that's what choke chains and inward mounted spikes are about...
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Default Re: [Basic Set] Collars - grappling at length

The way I handle this in TG is that ropes and poles like this are grapples, and you can do any technique that has a ST default as part of its list. So you can do a takedown with a grapple at a distance, but not an arm lock. You can do Wrench (Limb), and Neck Snap, but not Head Lock. That sort of thing. It shows that there's a lot you CAN do, but the "you need to have the limb positioned in this particular way" that is part and parcel of many close combat skills is precluded.
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Default Re: [Basic Set] Collars - grappling at length

If your subject is on something flexible (rope, chain...), then I'd think it'd need to be at the full length of the rope before you could do much of anything with the grapple, though.
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basic set, technical grappling

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