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Old 10-25-2018, 02:39 PM   #1
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Default Color coordinated Dice Advice

I am trying to find polyhedral dice where all the D4s are one color, all the D6s are another color, and so on. Ideally, I'd like 6-10 of each, d4 through d20.

This is proving very hard to find without buying them singly, or buying a huge number of grab bag dice.

Does anyone know any online stores that sell this?


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Default Re: Color coordinated Dice Advice

I've run across a number of places that sell dice individually or in sets by type (d4, d6, etc). It's especially common to find sets of 10x d10s, or sets of d6s. But you can also just order X dice of whatever type you want. I suppose that counts as "buying them singly", but if you can just click and order "quantity 10" for each shape/color, what's the difference? Hoping for a quantity discount?

Dice Game Depot is one source for individual dice by color and shape (at USD $0.50 each). Can't say that I've used them or recommend them; they're just the first one Google turned up for me.

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The Colonel
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Default Re: Color coordinated Dice Advice

Emailing the sales team at the store might help - even if an option is not explicit on the webstore they are likely to be able to quote you. Also quite a lot of FLGS have an online presence as well as a great multitude of dice to sell.
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Default Re: Color coordinated Dice Advice

Amazon for certain.
Also another online store, but I would need to find the address... I will do so if you are in Europe :)
And also if you are in Europe, Essen today/this weekend;)
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