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Default [UT] BLAME! - Electrofisher's Gun

I tried to stat out the harpoon gun used by the Electrofishers in manga/anime BLAME!.
For reference, here's a picture and a video of it being used. This gun shoots metallic rods approximately a foot long instead of normal bullets and is similar to a double barrel shotgun in mechanism. It has no name, but one modeller called it Uchimori so I'm using that name.
There's not really a lot of information about it other than what's shown superficially. It seems to be rather short ranged, but it packs enough punch to penetrate the armor of enemies that are very resistant to conventional guns. This wiki says it's comparable to a .338 Lapua Magnum but I have no idea where they got that information as this is the only place that even remotely mention such comparison. Due to this lack of information, the stat line below is mostly eyeballed, so I wanted to share it and see if I can get opinions on how to improve it:

Weapon		Damage		Acc	Range	Weight	RoF	Shots	ST	Bulk	Rcl
Uchimori	9d(3) pi++ dkb	4	240/960	12/0.6	2	2(3i)	10†	-6	2
Damage is based on .338 Lapua Magnum (9d+1 pi) but with railgun's usual AD(3). Damage type is pi++ because it's a long rod with a flat striking surface. Because it's similar to memory baton (UT154) I made it deal double knockback (and in the movie it's shown to stop a charging executor so it's fitting) and divided range, which was based on Gauss Rifle's, by 5. Weight of the weapon is the weight of a gauss rifle plus 50%, the weight of each rod was eyeballed to 0.3 lbs.
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