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Default Re: Suggestion for wording of Physicker talent.

In the context of this thread's discussion I think it is clear that your intent is that you heal the pool of hits from a fight, irrespective of how many separate injuries were incurred. But the language isn't really specific on this point. If that is really what you mean, it would be better to spell it out. (I'll keep doing it my way regardless, but the important thing is clarity!).
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Default Re: Suggestion for wording of Physicker talent.

Originally Posted by tbeard1999 View Post
My $.02 - worrying about “logic” when discussing healing in a game with hit points is pointless in my opinion. Abstractions like hit points are a poor way of simulating damage, but they persist because they are fun and simple.* It seems silly to me to agonize over logic when the entire hit point system is a significant abstraction.

From a game play perspective, allowing physicists to heal each discrete “wound” adds bookkeeping and affects game balance. As noted, one problem is that it makes armored characters even more overpowering.

Letting them heal 2-3 points of damage after each fight - but only new damage - is a nice abstraction that doesn’t wreck the system.

*Wounding is an incredibly complex topic, but a less abstract system would be one with hit locations (ala Runequest), blood points (ala The Morrow Project), some kind of instant kill or disabling system (ala Striker/Azahnti High Lighting), and stun points (ala Champions). Of course, I’d hate to play such a game.
So stalking the Night Fantastic is right out?
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