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Default Encumbrance over Extra-Heavy level

Good evening everybody.
Here I have a question:) Say, my foe has equip for a total of 200 lbs. and for him it is an Extra-Heavy Encumbrance. If I successfully cast Increase Burden on him, taking his equip weight over 200 lbs., what will effects be?
Thank you in advance:)
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Default Re: Encumbrance over Extra-Heavy level

The Lifting and Moving Things section on BS353 addresses what happens when you're holding up to 15*BL.

More than that should be unsupportable, but I can't think of anywhere where I've seen rules for what happens. I would probably allow the character to lighten their load by dropping things that are a free action to get rid of, and if they don't get below 15*BL they're forced to immediately drop to sitting, kneeling, or lying down, but that's just the rule I'd make up.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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Default Re: Encumbrance over Extra-Heavy level

-1FP each turn if he keep standing and doesn't drop anything.
He also can't move.
I've revised the Low Tech weapons table:
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