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Default Hello TFT Forum Members - Ran the Curse of Katiki-Mu this last weekend!

First of all, Hello to all; my first post here – though I’ve been reading stuff on the forum for several years. Like a lot of people here, I have been playing/running TFT since the late 70s. I used to run games for my sisters and next-door neighbor back then.

Since the 90s, I’ve been running TFT adventures/campaigns for my wife and I, she usually plays one or two characters and I will run one or two also, along with running the GMs characters. It works for us.

Over the last 10 years or so, we have not played a lot of TFT, instead we have been playing Barbarians of Lemuria – my wife’s game system of choice. But do play some TFT.

I’ve purchased the Legacy Edition and some adventures – book form and PDF too and have been playing that a bit over the last couple of years.

This last Friday and Saturday night I ran The Curse of Katiki-Mu for her. First of all, GREAT JOB Mr. Saint John, a very good adventure!

Of course, like most GMs – my TFT has assorted house rules (of my own making and from other people’s works that I have read about through the years). I modified the adventure to fit our needs, but it ran really well.

My wife ran a crossbow wielding female Monster Slayer and a female Mage (Sorceress is her official title…) who is a member of the Wizard’s Guild of Dranning. I ran two characters that have been together in several different campaign systems, a human barbarian with a two-handed sword and his dwarven female companion, a hammer wielding fun-loving and carousing warrior who in this game – is studying the priest talent (She is usually a Warrior-Priestess in her other versions) … (Three of the characters were 36 points and the Sorceress had 35 points, but I gave her a 5-point Mana staff.)

They survived the adventure and completed it properly!

We have three different sets of characters that we are using in 3 TFT campaigns. One of the campaigns revolves around three characters that travelled to Ardonirane form the Duchy of Dran and then participated in the Death Test. They survived and are now serving a 6-month stint in the Thorsz Army (Warrior rank). They are going to be part of a 10-man squad that is escorting a Red Robe mage to a fort on the n/e corner of the Red Plains (near Morningstar and Blackfort). Have to give a big THUMBS UP for Mr. Pulver’s Ardonirane book!

The third group is going to be meeting up in Ilmarine and from their heading to Ardonirane, hoping to take the Death Test and get hired by the Thorsz.

That’s it for now, really enjoying TFT again! (Thank you, Mr. Jackson and company!)
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Default Re: Hello TFT Forum Members - Ran the Curse of Katiki-Mu this last weekend!

Singular, how long did it take you to run through the adventure?
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Anthony Shostak
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Default Re: Hello TFT Forum Members - Ran the Curse of Katiki-Mu this last weekend!

We played for about 2.5 hours the first night and about 1.5 the second night.
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