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Default Re: Infninte Economy


Originally Posted by knarf
Scary thought: A TL3 wizard (according to GURPS Magic 2nd edition) made about $1000 a month. That's about how much I make selling fast food.
Dude, you need a different company...I make $2700/month selling fast food for Taco Bueno. But then, I'm a gm....;)

I agree that the fad industry would take off like a rocket. Has anyone thought about what the "Life of the Mind" of an average middle class Homeline person is? I don't think I saw anything in TT on that....and I'm too lazy to get up to search out the book! :)

Has anyone run anything on Homeline? There was an old TT RPG in the 80's (Time and Time again) which dealt with a group of Voltigeurs (controlled by the UN) who controlled TT tech. Occasionally the GM would have adventures to keep TT tech out of terrorist hands and the like. Anyone done anything similiar with IW? The potential is definitely there.....

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Default Re: Infninte Economy

Originally Posted by Jim Bob
Indeed. Who's got $100 million for a large conveyer or small projector? Not your small prospector, that's for sure. DeBeers has the money. They'll be onto this real quick...
I think they'll still lose their monopoly - there will just be too many new players for them to suppress them all. OTOH the price of good gem quality diamonds probably won't drop that much - they are still going to be reasonably uncommon and expensive to find and bring back.
Rupert Boleyn

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