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Michael Thayne
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Default Re: Warp (Hyperjump) and momentum

Oh, PK has suggested "retains velocity" on Warp is a -10% Nuisance Effect. Useful to know if that's how you want to run things in your game.
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Default Re: Warp (Hyperjump) and momentum

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
limited to small changes in gravitational potential energy, which Traveller seems to only apply to psis, not spaceships.
Traveller jump drives aren't psionic in nature, even in fluff text. They have a lot more hardware to change place than does a psi, and also take a week to do so, rather than instantaneously, giving time, equipment, and energy to adapt, plus a week of multi-G M-drive acceleration to match planetary velocities on the other end, as you don't arrive in orbit. There's no reason to think the same net effects would apply to both kinds of place change. Traveller jump drives don't specify that you arrive with zero motion relative to your point of departure; the differences are error bars in the navigational calculations.

You'd probably still have a real-world energetic problem when it comes to matching all the sources of kinetic and potential energy (gravitational and otherwise) to change star systems, but it's still a different fictional problem than making a fictional psi teleport work. GURPS is the system filing them under the same base Advantage -- if you're building ships as characters, that is.

So to reflect that difference, you'd just want a Limitation for psi builds that specifies that it's subject to annoying physics effects, while not applying that Limitation to ships' jump drive tech.
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