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Old 09-24-2019, 10:38 AM   #11
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Default Re: Fall damage and Super Jump

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Doing such damage without hurting yourself when landing on your back or similar would require sufficient DR and/or IT:DR to soak the slam damage.
In prior editions, Super Jump actually included DR vs crushing to protect you from slams. It wasn't enough, but it was a nod to the fact that if you can fall really far you usually have a system to mitigate damage. It's better that isn't built in now, but only because it allows you to buy whatever DR, IT/DR, Regeneration, of whatever that you're relying on to soak the injury.

Generally speaking I'd require an explanation probably backed by other advantages for you to jump massive distances without harm. A few levels aren't bad, but the x2/lvl can get out of hand pretty fast if you don't moderate it as a GM.
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Default Re: Fall damage and Super Jump

If we're looking at paired stuff, someone who can jump crazy distances could probably take some decent crushing damage on the bottom of their feet (like wearing sandals) not to mention do more damage with stomping (if not other kicks) and that seems a lot more inherently connected with jumping than being able to take less damage from falls taken which don't land on the feet.

Although much like how a guy who back-squats heavy weights won't just have strong legs but also a stronger torso, someone who is able to sprint incredibly fast or jump incredibly high/far would probably have some added toughness not just in their legs but their torso too, due to transferring the force.

At some point a GM might just mandate buying DR to explain how you can manage those forces, which sounds like it should be done for realistic characters. Advantages like Super Jump could also cover stuff like "I am harnessing mana to jump farther, my body can manage this despite its weakness because MAGIC aura" though, so there are situations where it shouldn't apply.
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