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Default Re: Mixing Animation with Reality in GURPS

Originally Posted by Aldric View Post
So, has the OP said anything about how he wants to model his toons?

Are they 2D or 3D?
Do they eat, breathe, sleep, need to rest at all, are they living or not? Do they age?

Can they be hurt? By normal weapons or other toons, and can they die? And if they can, do they come back.

Actually... I forgot, where do they come from? Can more be created/made/be born?
This reminded me of a short article I wrote for All Of The Above, the GURPS APA, some years back: a Memory Store, which is basically a way for illusions and creations (like a created servant) to have a persistent memory between castings. For example, a mage who always casts Create Servant every morning and dismisses it every night. With a memory store, the Servant would remember common commands, know how the mage likes his tea, etc.

Now, imagine toons to be the ultimate expression of Illusion/Creation magic: a sapient, free-willed Illusion (or Creation with a lot of Illusory extra effects), cast at 100 times the cost to make them permanent. Whatever is casting/creating these guys could be an adventure or campaign seed. The most unkillable of these have their memories bound up in memory stores, enchanted to re-cast their forms when the body is destroyed.

This would make toons mana-dependent, but that's not really a bad thing..
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