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Default "skin to skin" Additional Contact vs Damage Resistance

Page 6 of Psionic Powers describes a bonus to using psionic skills under this condition:
making skin-to-skin contact provides
The "STSC" condition is also revisited later in a disclaimer:
an ability that already requires skin-to-skin
contact can receive a +1 bonus at most
The closest modifier I can find resembling this would be the 3rd "You've Got the Touch" limitation (PU8p17) intended to be used on "ignores DR" melee attacks.

It shares the name/price of B111's "Contact Agent" but is more restrictive (no "porous clothing" option mentioned, requires not just target's skin contact but ALSO attacker's).

Maybe the upside is it's not explicitly a penetration modifier (unlike the B111 version) so it might be possible to take on abilities enhanced with 'ignores DR' penetration modifiers like Malediction or Irresistible attack?

- -

I was trying to think about how variations of the Damage Resistance advantage might influence skin-to-skin situations (introduced by ether via YGGT or Additional ContacT), and am looking for input on this speculation...
1) DR limited with "Tough Skin" on the contacting/contacted hit locations of toucher/touchee does NOT prevent skin-to-skin contact

2) DR enhanced with "Force Field" on the contacting/contacted hit locations of toucher/touchee DOES prevent skin-to-skin contact
Less obvious would be how wild DR (eg a rigid turtle shell) would work.

Given that "contact agent" stuff is stopped by DR unless it has "Tough Skin" I'm thinking that either of these would stop skin2skin on non-damaging touches?

M160's Lich/Wraith templates both have such wild (rigid) DR which sounds like:

1) B111 contact agents cannot effect them when their DR is hit
2) they cannot effect others using skin-to-skin contact because their own DR (which is not "Tough Skin") interferes with it
DR does not apply to eyes, so that could perhaps be an exception: but that would mean to get "skin to skin contact" you would need to have the bare skin of your target touch your eyeball.

This doesn't sound possible for a Lich (they have "No Eyes") but might be possible for a Wraith since they apparently DO have eyes?

In the case of a Wraith, I'm wondering... if you're having trouble forcing someone to touch you in the eye-socket (I assume that'd be like Grappling + Proxy Fighting to target yourself?) then could you use "Eye Pluck" to rip out your own eyeball and throw it at an opponent to get the "skin to skin" bonus?

What made me think of this is how "Blood Agent, Reversed" works: not just "foe has to plunge their finger into my wound" but "I can fling my wound droplets at my foe".

Lichs/Wraiths couldn't use BAR attacks AFAIK since they both have No Blood but while neither has "fluff skin" (I think they're intended to be skinless skeletons) it sounds like both would still have "crunch skin" in the sense that it's possible to affect them with Contact Agents when DR is not in the way.

The "fluff" explanation for "crunch skin" on a skeleton could be something like bone marrow: if you lose your +2/+4 DR via something like Corrosive Attack, that could represent the marrow being exposed, and then Contact Agent could be the idea of transmission via spongy marrow contact?
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