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Old 10-27-2004, 12:47 PM   #11
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Default Re: I need your help

Random thoughts:

Points for damage may be difficult to track, and this game has enough paperwork as it is. Perhaps points for creating debris and obstacles, which are created at certain damage levels. That would make the point gain tied to a specific in-game event. However, it means that you can't earn points by plinking away 1-2 points per round. This is good, IMO.

(Also, I am not sure how an MG hit can cause more than 10 points of damage, as one of the previous posters implied.)

You will also want to decide what to do if someone is confetti'd, and you should award points for kills in any case. You will need to think about all of the other things that can cause damage as well. Who gets the points if several people contribute to starting another on fire? If someone loses control and crashes into another car due to a dropped weapon, does the dropper get points for all the damage dealt?

Also, any race has starting line isues. You don't want everyone to just blast away at each other at the starting line until there is only one car left to run the race, but if you stagger the start the cars might not get in a good position to shoot each other. My favorite way to handle this is to start everyone together and not allow them to fire until they reach a predetermined point.

For ease of play and construction, (and pure entertainment value) I'd make the overpass a jump instead. Give it a long ramp so it can be jumped at a variety of speeds, and list the range of safe speeds for the drivers. It is difficult to move your car if you are reaching under something like that.

Take pictures of your event when you run it and post them somewhere! =]

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Old 10-27-2004, 04:53 PM   #12
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Default Re: I need your help

I didn't mean 10 points of damage. He could score 10 points with a damage roll of 5 (12 with a 6).

My problem with just points for kills is what if I blast the crap out of someone and strip them from 30 armor to 0 then some goob somes along with a popgun and does little damage but takes out the car. He gets the kill for 1 hit doing minimal damage.

Using points for debris and such makes weapons like the MG pointless (no pun, just didn't see a better way to put it). Perhaps score a point for a hit (advantage to accurate weapons), per die (advantage for big guns),
....... <sigh> .......or something else. Can't seem to think of a truely fair way except last man rolling.

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Old 10-27-2004, 05:23 PM   #13
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Default Re: I need your help

Except Last man rolling promotes the bastardly tactic of sneaking away from the combat.

There is no easy way to make a perfect combo that will promote the right amount of sho.oting, speed, and fun.
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Old 10-28-2004, 08:17 AM   #14
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Default Re: I need your help

Instead of rewarding people for damage, penalize them for not completing labs in a certain amount of time. That way you have to move and shoot.
I would run pregen cars so you can define how much dropped weapons you want. I (personally) wouldn't have any as the field gets too cluttered and speed drops.
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Old 10-28-2004, 10:56 AM   #15
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Default Re: I need your help

[snip]Instead of rewarding people for damage, penalize them for not completing laps in a certain amount of time.[end snip]

This is a good idea. What you can do is start the timer when the first vehicle completes a lap and then deduct a certain amount of points per phase or turn until the next vehicle crosses and so on. That way, you are encouraged to go fast to cross as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to damage your opponents in order to stop them from crossing but you cannot just sit back without racing yourself.

This is almost making me want to do a racing event!!!
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