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Old 09-15-2019, 10:38 AM   #1
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Default Multi-hex enchantments

The self-powered Spell Shield on the 3-hex item makes it clear that the procedure is to determine the cost/time/effort (including self-powered) for a single hex item, then double the effort/cost for each previous enchantment, then , then multiply by the number of hexes.

So +5 Fine Plate that grants +4 DX with a self-powered spell shield for a three-hex giant?

By ITL 66 the mundane item is 400% of the cost given on ITL 110 so the unenchanted armor costs $20k (and takes two years to make with the giant handy for regular fittings).

Then a single wizard starts on the enchantments.

Self powered Spell Shield takes 6 * 10 * 3 = 180 base weeks or 189 average weeks for a DX 15 enchanter, 97% chance of success.
+4 DX enchantment takes 3 weeks * 2^(4-1) level * 3 hexes * 2^1 previous enchantments = 144 weeks base weeks, 151 average, 99% success.
+5 armor enchantment takes 2 weeks * 2^(5-1) level * 3 hexes * 2^2 previous enchantments = 384 weeks base weeks, 403 average, 99% success.

So only 15 years of enchantments.

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Default Re: Multi-hex enchantments

Are any of those enchantments marked as increasing in difficulty with size? No? So 2/3 of their time would be just to enchant a three-hex item (the armor) when they don't need to - the Spell Shield and +4 DX attribute enhancer can be put on a smaller item.

And of course, the reason to put multiple "make a fighter better" enchantments on one item is because they are running into the Rule of Five with other magic items, so the price of such an item is because it is able to work with four other magic items at the same time. i.e. It enables a munchkin super-combatant.
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Old 09-17-2019, 12:34 PM   #3
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Default Re: Multi-hex enchantments

What is the cost to enchant a ring to Shapeshift a 14 hex dragon into a princess?

Princess: "Thank you brave knight for coming out all this way to save me!"

Knight: "I thought you were being held hostage by a huge dragon?"

Princess: "I'm sure she's around here somewhere." Frantically tugging on the ring on her finger. "Say, do you have some oil?"

And why make a self-powered Insubstantiability ring when Shapeshifting to Wraith is so much cheaper?
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