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Scouts start low on ST and have to carry bunches of arrows which add up, they might not even wear armor at all to start. Bows are great for move and attack, so in some cases they try to defend by not being in range
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Default Re: Advice on equipment for a new GM

Have a look at some of the sample characters posted here on these forums (full list here) for ideas on load-out. There are a lot of different ways to stretch that starting money (even before you spend some points for extra cash).
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Tom H.
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Default Re: Advice on equipment for a new GM

One really great resource is Dungeon Fantasy 13: Loadouts.

It has tons of pre-selected equipment lists to fit a variety of different adventurers. There is also a box on p. 5 that lists some basic stats including price and effective load for a variety of mounts.

The one drawback is that the included prices and weights are specific to GURPS or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. Especially for armor, prices and weights can be different for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

Beasts of Burden

You are correct. GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns describes a variety of these.

Above, Dalin made a good suggestion to check out Hall of Judgement by Gaming Ballistic. I hadn't thought of it initially, but there is a pack pony described.

Depending on the source you use, you often have to crunch of few numbers and details to get all the useful statistics. For example, based on traits, you may have to calculate the actual damage done by bites and kicks, encumbrance levels, and actual move statistics. GURPS Campaigns tells you how to determine all these.

It's suggested that animals don't like to carry more than a medium level of encumbrance. So you would use that calculation to know how much a beast would carry.

Carts and Wagons

GURPS Low-Tech
is a great source for a list and description of these. It even has a section heading with the exact name.

As some have mentioned, there's always a question of how much detail you really need. Will you actually make a control roll in play using a wagon's handling and stability rating to check for a crash?

Of course prices and loads are much more pertinent statistics.

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armor, horses; low-tech

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