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Default 4th WWII Vehicle conversion

I'm drooling over the awesome tanks and vehicles in 3rd WWII A World Ablaze, and want to use them in 4th.

Primary goal is to take any (at least WWII at this point) vehicle/aircraft/ship from 3rd and convert the stats to 4th, which means I'm gunning for ST/HP, Hnd/SR, HT, Acceleration, Top Speed, SM, Armor (per facing) and weapons. I tried to compare the stuff I could find in HT, namely Panzer IV, Sherman, Mustang, Jeep, and 2 1/2 ton truck, as well as improvise the low TL heavy motorcycle from basic and the APC (which kinda had equivalents in WWII).
  1. ST/HP: I was on the verge of just dividing land vehicles by 10 and air by 3/2, but then I found another thread which suggested cube root of HPs *12. I found cube root *13 gave almost spot on for the examples.
  2. Hnd: gMR*4 -4 gave a close enough result. For aSR it was aSR÷2 -3. I couldn't find any comparable watercraft, unfortunately.
  3. SR: SR seems close enough for a/g/wSR.
  4. HT: This seems about the same, although there were some deviations between WWII and HT (Mustang went from 8 to 11, for example, which is a cheap to fairly good quality change). I was also a bit surprised about the Tiger at 8, but I guess it's more about it's sub-par construction quirks than the actual robustness in combat (instead represented by DR etc).
  5. Acceleration: This is a bit messy and hard, because it's such small numbers (compare 2 in acceleration with 3 for a 50% boost...), but I found just take the gAccel (or wAccel?) as is, and divide air by 2 (I dont know why, but that gave me ok results).
  6. Top Speed: Divide by two.
  7. SM: I was hoping that it would be convertible by taking the body to hit modifier, but I think it's better to calculate SM by taking dimensions in the SSR table.
  8. Armor: Take 80% and round up (important for at smaller values, such as fighters).
  9. Weapons: I'm a bit unsure in general about the weapons. They seemed somewhat similar, but I have no idea what the rules behind 3rd are, but for instance damage types and damage modifiers seemed to be new to 4th. Anyone have any advice for this?

Disclaimer: I don't know much about 3rd in general, and I have no idea how PD works. Nor did I plow all the details with sloping armor, to hit bonuses from tank chassis, or really much of the rule related stuff in 3rd.

Also, the HPs for 3rd were about 10 times higher whereas the DR were maybe 30% higher, and weapons seemed to my untrained eye of roughly the same size, so does PD have that great impact or are there other explanations for this difference?
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