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Jim Kane
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Default 3 Methods for determining when an Outdoor Random Encounter occurs in TFT

3 Methods for determining when an Outdoor Random Encounter occurs in TFT:

In The Fantasy Trip, the standard length day on Cidri most easily follows the real-world parallel of a 24 hour cycle. Any one of the three methods below will aid in determining when a Random Encounter or Timed Event will occur during the game without GM bias:
  • General Method: Roll 1d6; where a result of 1-3 indicates daytime, and a roll of 4-6 indicates night-time.

    Or, if a more specific timing of the event or encounter is desired:

  • Specific Method: Roll 1d6, and compare to table below:

    1. Late Night: Midnight-4am
    2. Early Morning: 4am-8am
    3. Morning: 8am-Noon
    4. Afternoon: Noon-4pm
    5. Evening: 4pm-8pm
    6. Night: 8pm-Midnight

    Or, by making three individual 1d6 rolls, when a precise timing of the timed event or random encounter is desired:

  • Precise Method:

    1. Roll 1d6: where a result of 1-3 indicates a day-time 12-hour block of time between 6am dawn and 6pm dusk, and a result of 4-6 indicates a night-time 12-hour block of time between 6pm dusk and 6am dawn.

    2. Roll 1d6: where a result of 1-3 indicate a time during the first six-hour block of the time indicated above, and a result of 4-6 indicates a time during the second six-hour block of the time indicates above.

    3. Roll 1d6: where the result indicates the exact one-hour block of time when the random encounter will occur.

Example: The first roll of 5 indicates a night-time encounter will occur between dusk that day and dawn the next morning. Then, a roll of 2 further indicates the encounter will take place sometime between 6pm and 12am midnight. Finally, a roll of 4 indicates the party will experience the encounter or event between 9pm-10pm that night.

Due to standard expectation resulting of the possible combinations of 3 sequential 1d6 rolls, the Adventure Party is most likely to experience a random event when they are ideally best suited to deal with it; whereas the likelihood of continually being caught with one man on guard-duty with everyone else asleep in their bedrolls, is ideally modeled for realistic frequency - all things being equal; that is. GM's of a more sinister disposition, or who wish to more accurately reflect the aggressive behaviors of nocturnal predatory beasts, or the tactics of pursuing enemies who are adroitly tracking the party with the intent to attack them when the party is most vulnerable, are encouraged to skew these rolls with modifiers as they feel best reflects the situations and circumstances in their own game.

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