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Default Discarding Race After Being Forced to Run Away

In the FAQ, it says that played cards take effect in the order that they are played. It says that the effect of a card starts as it is played.

I played a game where 2 people were in combat together against a monster that's Bad Stuff said to get rid of your race/class. It also said, if you don't have a race/class, draw a treasure.
I knew that if they were to lose the combat, they would be allowed to discard their race (as the rules say they can do at anytime), and then if they fail their run away attempts, they could be rewarded with a treasure because they sacrificed their race/class *before* officially giving up on the combat. This was totally fine by me.

Instead, I played a card that said they are forced to run away. No quarrels playing this card, but all hell broke loose when I realized they were still trying to discard their race card before running away.

Their argument was that the rule says you can discard a race at any time.
My argument was the A. That's unless a card is played that makes you do something immediately, which is the case per the FAQ when you play any card, essentially, and B. That would make the Bad Stuff almost specifically just be Good Stuff. I don't believe, based on the rules, that they get to react and change their in-play items, including their race or class, because my one-shot card should take effect immediately. From my perspective, their very next move has to be rolling the die to run away without getting to do anything else, unless they have a card that let's them interrupt that process and it says so on tbe card.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Discarding Race After Being Forced to Run Away

Discarding the Race before rolling to Run Away is fine. Discarding the Race (to get the Treasure) after failing the roll is not -- at that point, you have to resolve the Bad Stuff before doing anything else. The fact that you're forcing them to Run Away doesn't mean they can't ditch the Race first, just as they would have been able to had it been their choice.
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