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Default Reverting a Legal Move Due to an Illegal Move

I played a game where a friend had a "Human-Only" item in play. He eventually got an Elf Hireling and played that as well. He wanted to play a race card, which would result in him unequipping his Human-Only item, so instead of losing the bonus, he gave it to his Elf Hireling to carry and proceeded to play a race card. I pointed out that he can't move that item over to his Hireling because the Hireling is not a human, but an Elf. No argument, he takes the item off of the hireling but equips it again. I tell him that he can't do that becase he's not human anymore. He returns the already played race card to his hand, and an argument breaks loose where my understanding of the rules seems ludacris to the other 2 players.

Essentially, their argument was that he should be allowed to pick that card up because he misread the cards (or rather forgot the rules and forgot the text...) because he only made that legal move of playing the race card due to thinking he could legally give his item to the hireling and make it all work, therefor, he's reverting back step-by-step until the part that wasn't legal (moving the item to hireling) was fixed.
My argument was that it's fine to revert the illegal parts, but forgetting that you can't do something does not allow you to fix your own dumb mistake of playing the race card -which was a legal move regardless, and shouldn't matter "why" you did it - then it would have screwed you over. He should be allowed to keep the hireling, his race, and the item, but the item should only be carried and not equipped.

Should he be allowed to take his legally played race card back illegally because he didn't remember that an Elf Hireling couldn't carry his Human-Only item?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Reverting a Legal Move Due to an Illegal Move

If a player makes an honest mistake, I would generally allow them to reverse the play. However, in this case, there's a solution that doesn't involve putting a played card back into the hand (which is, as you point out, not allowed in the rules). An Item that is in play can be turned sideways to show that it's carried but not equipped (and therefore doesn't grant any bonuses or abilities), and that's what should have happened here.
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