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Default Battlesuit combat dials for 15MM miniatures

I hold great affection for SJG's stepchild, Battlesuit. What I liked most about the game besides the Ogre universe was its step reduction counter system to reflect accumulation of battle damage to the soldiers in combat.

I made a combat dial prototype to play Battlesuit with 15mm miniatures (The ones here are War Force Reserve figures from Khurasian miniatures)

The 1" combat dial can show all stages of damage step reduction, plus Heavy weapon and Shock status. Other dial faces include the specific stats of the Assault, Ranger and Command troops besides the Standard one.

I tried using ceramic magnets at first, but the top and bottom base circles still slid around. Earth magnets are too expensive, and the few I tried didn't work much better.

I used a 25mm Wargames factory base, and a 1" magnetic craft flexible circle. The nice thing about the latter is that it is easy to cut the window slot to reveal the stats, yet firm enough to secure the miniature.

To mark the center of each disk, I used a center dot I made paper stat dial as a reference. I then drilled a tiny hole in both disks and used a flat head pin to put the two together, clipping the protruding pin at the bottom of the base to make sure it didn't scratch the game board. A heavy-duty hand bolt cutter is recommended. The pin on the bottom of base was then secured with super-glue.

I designed the Battlesuit combat stats in Photoshop, though a vector-design program would be much better. I recommend a good laser printer, as ink jet is only so-so for getting a nice black background to make white stat numbers pop in high contrast.

For now I am cutting the combat stat circles out by hand, but have on order 1" circle labels to ease that chore.

I am considering making a label for the rim on the drones (Steel Warrior D7 Drones come with three versions: Recon, attack, and Close combat, that can serve as a Bomb drone) . But the stats on these are pretty easy to remember and refer to , so I may not.

I'll post updates as I finish more bases with Battlesuits miniatures.

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Default Re: Battlesuit combat dials for 15MM miniatures

Clever idea well executed. Could find applications in lots of game settings. I'm interested to see if it is less work than keeping track on paper or using counters on the figures. Thanks for sharing.
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