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Old 05-22-2018, 11:29 PM   #1
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Default Tragedy of the Commons

I have a few questions about the Cleric card, "Tragedy of the Commons"

1. If this card is played on a mischief or monster card, how do you handle discarding/stashing the affected card? So far, we've just been setting it in the hoard as a reminder.

2. If this card is played on a loot and you choose to self-squish the loot, does the TotC card just go to the cleric player's discard?

3. Regarding the last question, can the said loot be cleared of TotC by the Thief card "Silent but Deadly"

3. If this card is played on a Wizard's mischief card (let's just assume Kaboom!) does that also prevent you from playing Forked if a Kaboom card is moved to the discard after you initially play it, from spilling card(s), or discarding? I've been outnumbered, but my group says that Forked would be a copy of Kaboom, so you can't Forked it. My argument is that the card played is "Forked!" then becomes a copy after you play it. I guess I'm just salty, because as someone who primarily plays wizard, it's like the TotC card is affecting two cards in my deck, not just one.
Thanks and Gig 'Em!
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Default Re: Tragedy of the Commons

Tragedy of the Commons does not modify any rules about how the card it is stuck to plays. Cards stuck to another card are removed from play when the card they are stuck to does.
1. Once the card is discarded, put face down in the stash, or unstashed and moved to your hand, it is out of play, and Tragedy would be discarded.

2. When a card leaves play, any cards stuck to it move to their owners' discard pile(s).

3. That is exactly how Silent but Deadly says it works.

4. Once Kaboom is discarded (which is the triggering condition for Forked!), Tragedy is discarded as well, see #1. Having already left play, Tragedy will not affect Forked! or the card it becomes.
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