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Default Re: Moon Priests/Priestesses

eems like nobody's addressed the original question yet. I don't use special abilities like DF clerics have in my game, but I can take a stab at some from scratch based on your moon god's properties, related to

Protection, in specified instances
From moon, may we infer tides?

Many of the DF special powers seem to have modest pricing, so I'll try to stay there:

Travel = Absolute Direction (PM -10%; 5)

Wisdom = Common Sense (PM -10%; 9)

Protection from demons = True Faith, and that's one of the standard ones, neh?

Protection on journeys = Afflict 1 (Advantage: Trivial Destiny to reach destination +10%, Permanent until destination reached +150%, PM -10%, Touch/Contact -60%; 19)

Tides = Control Water Level (Natural Phenomenon +100%, PM -10%; 19/lvl)

Healing = Healing with such modifiers as you feel appropropriate, such as Afflictions Only for infertility

Resurrection - guidelines are found in GURPS Powers, Cosmic Afflict Extra Life with one try, as I recall.

Moonlight. This should be more than a candle or torch. I'm thinking it should halve darkness modifiers over a large region, represented as the moon appearing, or appearing brighter. So this is a little out-of-the-box, but what do you think of Obscure 5 (reversed) as a Potential Advantage? In the worst case, absolute darkness, it relieves 5 levels of darkness penalty, but in torchlight, it removes only 1. As a special effect, the source of moonlight is high overhead, meaning that the volume is greater than normal, but the drawback is, any overhang will cast a shadow where the darkness isn't reduced - not so good for dungeon fantasy, I'm afraid. Base cost is 5pt for 2yd, hike it up to 512 for net 22pt.

EDIT: Judging by our respective forum posts, our GM styles are dissimilar. I run with low totals, which allows me to be blasť about abusive builds; I even encourage them. So for instance, if I were to use gifts like these in my campaign, I'd slap a -40% Gadget limitation on 'em (for the holy symbol) and make them alternate abilities, at the bare minimum. In any case, these are off-the-cuff; I haven't playtested anything.

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