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Default Missile Spells' Maximum Distance

The maximum distance a missile spell can travel appears to have two different stipulations. Again, if I am not reading things in ITL correctly, I welcome guidance, correction, etc.

On page 135, it states that a missile spell will travel the number of MH equal to the basic ST of the wizard who cast it. On page 125 however, it states that one should use for these calculations the same formula as for missile weapons' long-range fire - but use the ST put into the spell.

In the first scenario, Ralph with an ST of 12 could fire his 3-die fireball 12 megahexes. In the second scenario, he has a maximum effective range of 60 hexes (roughly 20 megahexes) and a maximum range of 75 hexes (or about 25 megahexes). And this is without considering our wizard having the Missile Weapons talent too, potentially.
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Axly Suregrip
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Default Re: Missile Spells' Maximum Distance

I would use ITL pg 135 as that is new in Legacy ITL. ITL pg 125 missile weapon range rules come from the old Advanced Melee so I would only use this for missile spell range when the wizard has Missile Weapons talent.

I know the intent of pg 125 was to be the range limit regardless of talent but this is the only way I can justify both sets of rules.

For example, a ST 6 Goblin wizard casting a 3 ST fireball:

Pg 135: 6 MHx range, or about 19 hexes

Pg 125 (with MW talent): 60 hexes at full damage / 75 hexes at half damage.

So, the difference from the two rules is great.
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