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Default [OOC] The Starship 'Fritjof Nansen'


The Voyage of the Starship Fritjof Nansen

Here we come, ready or not!

The Voyage of 'INS Fritjof Nansen' is not open to more players.
  • Premise: Forty years after the end of fifty years of ruinous and exhausting "Formation Wars", the Eichberger Foundation — now called "The Empire" — has recovered and rebuilt enough to start returning to the hinterland beyond 60 light-years from Sol. There are a lot of colonies out there: six hundred, of which fewer than two hundred have been explored at all since the destruction of Earth. The Empire has commercial, naval, and humanitarian interests in the Beyond; obviously the first step is a quick survey to find out what's out there in the way of problems and opportunities.

    A preliminary attempt by the Imperial Navy to conduct such as survey without professional diplomatic skills and expert social and political advisors ended in tears, wars, progroms, and a suicide.

    So now the Navy, the Imperial Office, and the Colonial Office have combined their efforts to produce Survey, an ambitious program in which 24 specially-constructed starships under naval command will explore six hundred worlds in ten years. Each Survey frigate is operated by the Imperial Navy and carries a big stick of sorts, but it also carries a small diplomatic mission from the Imperial Office, a team of multi-disciplinary explorer/scientists mostly recruited from the colonies and commissioned by the Colonial Office, and a few marines in case of emergency. It's not half an administrative headache.

    INS Fritjof Nansen is one of the Survey frigates, heading out into the Black to visit a list of worlds where people have indeed been before, but no-one knows what they have been up to for the last three or four centuries.

  • Genre: Serial rationalised planetary romance with a pinch of rationalised space opera.

  • Setting: FLAT BLACK, a star-spanning dystopia optimised for rationalised planetary romances and a dark and cynical tone.

  • Characters: the four players, each taking several parts, will play the four senior officers who decide policy, the four diplomats, a coterie of four among the explorers, the four key officers in fighting the ship, and the 'action' team of Imperial Marines commandos.

  • Participants:
    • Agemegos (GM)
    • jmurrell
      • Captain Lowell (Mission Commander)
      • ? (Aide to the Ambassador)
      • Dr Joshua Rabin (Social Anthropologist)
      • Pvte Dimitri Feodorevich "Bear" Karapyetchenko (Imperial Marines commando)
    • martinl
      • Lt Leah Bohn (astrogator)
      • Her Excellency Wukitelamy Drolegant (Ambassador-at-large)
      • Dr Kyth Haroldsson (social dynamicist)
      • Pvte ? (Imperial Marines commando)
    • sir_pudding
      • Lt-Cmdr Tomiko Eichberger (Chief Engineer)
      • Specialist Ada Solaris 496 (Spokesman)
      • Lt Kim Strickland (Military Intelligence)
      • Cpl Brent "Bucky" MacAdams (Marines detachment leader)
    • zorg
      • Sblt ? ? ("Astronomer" (gunnery officer))
      • Title ? ?, esq. (Counsellor at Law)
      • Prof. ? ? (Dean of Survey)
      • Pvte ? ? (Imperial Marines commando)
    See page 8 for summaries of the characters.
  • System: GURPS
    • GURPS Spaceships 1, 3, & 5
    • GURPS Low-Tech
    • GURPS Low-Tech Companion 1
    • GURPS Low-Tech Companion 3
    • GURPS High-Tech
    • GURPS Ultra-Tech
    • GURPS Bio-Tech
    • GURPS Social Engineering
    • GURPS Space

  • Schedule: two turns per week, as follows.
    • GM posts: 1400 UTC Monday
    • Deadline for character posts: 1400 UTC Wednesday
    • GM posts: 1400 UTC Thursday
    • Deadline for character posts: 1400 UTC Saturday

copyright Brett Evill
Discussion of FLAT BLACK

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