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Default Silence as a sorcery spell?

So Silence... is basically Create, with destroy

One level of a create spell focused on creating/destroying energy impacts Level^2 Megajoules.

1 megajoule over 1 minute is approximately 16,666 watt/seconds.
In decibels, that gives us 42 dB... which is barely louder than a library.

2 levels gets us to 49 decibels for a minute
3 levels gets us to 51 decibels for a minute.

On the other hand, if I assume that the default destroy destroys 1 megajoule worth of energy each second...

1 level is 60 db, which is out in normal public places.
2 levels is 66 db
3 levels is 69 db, which is almost as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Would applying extended duration to destroy make sense to destroy sound non-stop for 60 seconds?
Also, if I wanted to make this an area effect like in the Magic book, how might I do that? I don't think create/Destroy specifies an area for energy. Is there a better approach to silence?

Also, what would the effect of removing 60 db from a 70 db sound be? 70 db is about twice as loud as 60 db, so would I be hearing a vacuum cleaner that's about as quiet as the table across from me at a public restaurant?
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